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Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell

Speaker, Coach, Best -Selling Author, CPA, Attorney

For nearly a decade, we've had the privilege of collaborating with Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell, a renowned speaker, coach, best-selling author, CPA, and attorney. From the inception of our business, Lynita has been a valued client, entrusting us with numerous projects that span social media management, brand identity development for her personal brand, and captivating book designs for her best-selling publications. Lynita's impactful work has garnered national recognition, gracing the pages of esteemed publications like Forbes and Yahoo! Finance, as well as regional and international platforms such as The HBCU Times and The Divine CEO. Explore our collaboration with Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell to witness the synergy of creativity and expertise in action.


Website Design, Package Design, Book & Journal Design, National Recognition, Personal Brand Identity


Since 2018

Collaboration Highlights
  • Valued collaboration spanning nearly a decade

  • Trusted partner for various projects across diverse areas of expertise

Partnership Impact
  • Contributed to enhancing Lynita's brand visibility and recognition

  • Demonstrated our ability to adapt to evolving client needs and deliver exceptional results

A word from our client


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